Saturday, December 6, 2014

Editing Should Be A Discussion

I don’t like to tell people how to correct their mistakes.  I like to help them understand the mistake and then discuss how it can be fixed.  This way they learn how they made the mistake and how not make it in the future.  I like to think that a lesson learned is a mistake made.

When trying to help someone understand a mistake or problem with their work, I usually ask questions.  People are usually willing to answer questions about their work.  By asking questions you get them to think about the issue another way, without telling them how to correct the issue. 

The reading echoed my thoughts when they said that an editor should listen and ask questions to the writer.  When the reading said that editors are now writing coaches, I thought that was perfect.  I think that editors should coach and teach a writer to see the problems in their work and correct them, before the editor sees it.  By coaching or teaching a writer the editor makes their job easier and the writer better.  If an editor changes a writers work without talking to the writer about it, then the writer wont learn how to make their work better.

Editing Mistake


Article: Yes! The Coffee Mug Bong From Cabin In The Woods Is Now A Real Thing

Mistake: They wrote “you’ll be able to own your very ‘travel mug’”
               They need an “own” between very and travel.

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