Sunday, December 7, 2014

Websites wrestle with punky design

Let me begin by saying, I am a huge fan of professional wrestling. My love for the soap opera known as WWE has run deep since childhood. Since WWE runs a very tight ship as it relates to storylines, fans turn to alternative news sites for further information. Over the years I’ve watched these types of websites come and go. A majority of them were poorly written and contained a horrendous amount of style flaws. is the website I’ve relied on for years, to offer me credible gossip, in a clean and fashionable design. The most recent news is available directly on the home page. The information is presented using a thumbnail image with the headline and subtext to the side. The website is on a white background and uses a dark gray, san-serif font. This website is modern, with a great transition to mobile devices, but it also holds true to the unofficial theme of immediacy found traditionally in most gossip news sites.


My professional website my be a but unorthodox, but I want to commend them for their recent improvements. sells clothing and music memorabilia, primarily by punk and alternative rock bands. The world of punk rock is not the prettiest or the most organized and this website used to reflect that. Recent changes to this website have brought it up to par with other professional online retailers, while still preserving its punk rock identity. I love the linier fashion, as well its use of uniformity with a diverse product images. This website also follows the 3-click rule, meaning a consumer can get anywhere they want to be within 3-clicks or less.


Sadly, the editing mistake this week comes from our own school paper, the Signpost.

The author says, “When I was a kid, my mom would take my cousin and me…” This should read, “When I was a kid, my mom would take my cousin and I…”

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