Sunday, December 7, 2014

Working with Writers

After editing a peers’ paper I was able to apply many of the editing tips I learned over the semester. The main point I would like to discuss is focusing on the positive and giving constructive criticism.
So many times I have received a paper that has been all marked up with red pen. It always makes me want to rip up my paper and start from scratch. I feel like any positive aspect or more constructive criticism would have made a huge difference.

Focusing on what is done well only helps the writer. You can say, “This is great, how can you expand upon this?” or, “Although I like this idea, maybe you could consider doing this differently.” Giving a positive with a negative helps the writer maintain confidence in the piece but also gives them ideas of what to change. 

Although I don’t feel 100 percent ready to be an editor, this class has given me more tools to use.

Editing mistake:
The mistake I saw consistently in this person’s paper was the absence of necessary commas.
Carl Porter the co-founder of the National Undergraduate Literature Conference stated….
Correct Sentence:
Carl Porter, the co-founder of the National Undergraduate Literature Conference, stated…

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