Thursday, December 4, 2014

I didn't ask you to REWRITE my paper!!

         I loved this assignment.  I guess that is why I have had to suffer through all the sweat and tears to learn how to be an editor, or at least gain more knowledge about becoming an editor.  I really enjoyed having the chance to make a difference with helping someone polish their paper.  This time of year with the end of the semester can be really stressful.  I know that I tend to rush more through some of my final papers because they are all piled on.  I would love to send my paper to someone that knew what they were talking about and could really help polish my paper.  This semester, it had to be me!
         I was quite amazed at how much I really learned in this class. I enjoyed sitting down with someone and going over her paper, teaching her and helping her through different grammatical and punctuation rules so that she hopefully won't make the same mistakes again.  I think one of the rules that I found many people getting confused on is writing with numbers. Some still aren't sure which numbers to spell out and which numbers to write the numeral.  I also found that the dreaded comma was an issue either overusing or not using throughout the paper.
        Overall, though, my experience was very successful and worthwhile.  It felt really good to help out someone with their paper and help them to feel better about turning in a more polished paper.  It definitely made a difference in this person's paper.  I still will continue to use the helpful AP Stylebook and our textbook for referencing, but at least I know where to look up different questions that I may have every once in awhile.

Punctuation Error of the Day:

I think this person thought they were very intelligent in "remembering the apostrophes," however they didn't realize that it was an error.

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