Sunday, December 7, 2014

Webpage Layout and Design

                At work, I don’t just pour coffee and smack the printer into submission. It’s also my job to steer prospective new clients into signing with one of our many partners to create their own web page. Some come to me excited… “I have my own already! This is so cool!”

                I see it, and occasionally, I cringe.

                Loud music is blaring in the background, preventing any and all pictures from loading properly. One doosie had a rainbow of colored text, some almost unreadable against their chosen background color. Another had link button after link button, never seeming to land on the actual page with the information.

                I prefer websites with a clean, crisp presentation. The links and text should be large enough to read with ease.
                A good example is
                Her page is clean of clutter. The text is easy to read and the color doesn’t compete with that of the background. Each picture is clearly labeled. Each link actually works.

                Editing Tip of the Week- I visited the John Deere website to buy a Christmas present for someone, and they had their own company name spelled wrong in the product information of the blanket I wanted. It was spelled “Deer” for that whole section. I laughed, assuming someone was getting a talking to.

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