Saturday, December 6, 2014

Who wants some more headlines.

The first week of headlines, I really focused on the lingo and getting to know what makes a good headline. This week I wanted to focus on the rules of a headline because if you’re not following the rules than no one will take you serious. That applies to everything you do in life.
One thing that is a lot different is using the present tense which is much different than the past tense you would use in a story. That is one thing that would help you really stand out especially if you are writing your own blog or stories  for a small newspaper.
The use of commas and semicolons are very important. During the assignment I learned this very quickly as I needed to eliminate a few words to make it fit the criteria. But with everything in writing, those come with rules as well. You can just throw commas and semicolons whenever you feel like it.  Until I read about the downplay and upstyle headlines, I was unaware there was a difference. For some reason I always thought that all headlines were all caps but that is not the case. Each one can be used in a specific way to get it’s message acrossed.
Error of the Week
I saw this on one of my Facebook friends wall the other day.

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