Sunday, December 7, 2014

Working with writers

During my internship for the Weber School Foundation, I was asked to publish a “thank-you” brochure for the Foundation’s donors that would be distributed at their annual golf classic fundraiser. The brochure had several ads, articles and photos. After the initial brochure was designed and printed, I was then asked to turn it into a year-end report that would be distributed to local businesses and every donor, not just the ones that were at the golf tournament.

This process taught me the valuable lesson of collaboration and allowed me to utilize my design, editing and writing skills. The first edition of the brochure was easy; it had been done the same way for several years. The second edition proved to be a little bit more challenging because the Foundation needed to have a clear vision and message. During the collaboration process, it was determined that this brochure would highlight the successes of the Foundation and share some of the stories of the children whose lives have been impacted by the generous donors.

The most challenging editing I did was reworking a story that had already been written. I found that it was more of a lesson in patience than in editing. I essentially re-worked the entire story into one that was more concise and really told the story that the Foundation was trying to convey. The original story was full of attribution errors, grammar mistakes and just poor writing. At first I found myself frustrated at the poorly written story and the number of editing mistakes to correct. But then I started reworking the sentences and grammar mistakes and it turned out being a lot of fun. After the editing was complete, the story turned out great. It made sense and really conveyed a message that was important for the Foundation to tell.

This editing class has taught me so much about writing, proper grammar and punctuation. It’s a great skill to have and one that I know will be essential after graduation.

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