Sunday, December 7, 2014

Working With Writers
This assignment provided some valuable lessons in editing for me; and primarily that the editing process needs to truly be a collaboration between two individuals, as opposed to an editor simply telling the writer “what to do.”  From the reading, “Working with Writers”, one portion that struck me as rather important: “How often do you shout when you’re reading? If you’re the kind of person who gets so excited by something who gets so excited by something good that you have to yell, ‘Listen to this!’ or so incensed by something bad that you want to scream at it and wrestle it to the ground, then you’ve got definite editor potential.”  (Harrigan 7)  This portion reminded me of the passion required to want to improve the work of others, as opposed to simply wanting to mock it or ridicule it.  A good editor must be passionate about the process but must find a way to help channel that passion so as to help the writer improve their work as opposed to hindering them work or possibly attempting to take it over.
Editing Mistake

I had a rather amusing experience this past week, especially considering one of our classmates recently made fun of Target’s website in their blog. I went to go use the restroom at the Target by our house when I was there and I when I was walking in the sign read: “Please do not take any unpaid merchandise into the restroom.” I think the sign should have read “unpaid for” or “unpurchased”; and for Target, while I love the store, may need to have its editing department hone their skills a bit.

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