Sunday, December 7, 2014

Headlining for the First Time

Lately I tend to lean more towards noteworthy news sources.  The likelihood of finding a bad headline is not large.  This week I noticed a few interesting headlines that I really liked.  One that caught my eye was “Taylor Swift is everything to the music industry.”  This headline was reported by CNN Money.  I thought this headline was great because it caught my attention (being a music lover) and wanted me to know why.  One headline that I found incredibly dull read “City Council Action Letter, Thursday November 6, 2014.”  I felt like this headline lacked the luster and gravitational pull that headlines require. 
            When looking at headlines you must determine what is going to grab the most attention.  I think a lot of people have a hard time with this or tend to highlight the wrong information.  Although I am not a huge basketball fan (more of a hockey man myself), I did read and watch highlights of a Jazz game because of one headline:  “Jazz beat Cavs on Hayward’s Jumper at Buzzer.”  This made me want to see the highlights right away.  I think understanding the power of headlines is the key to getting anyone to read your work.          
            My editing mistake this week just flat out made me laugh.  I think when you are trying to get a message as necessary as not smoking out there, you need to verify that you spell it correctly.  The funny thing is that the editing on this would have literally taken ten seconds.

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