Sunday, December 7, 2014


                 I really struggled with this unit, embarrassingly so. I work for a publishing company, and I can’t write a decent headline to save my soul. Granted, we publish urban fiction, but still. I was the talk of the office with this unit because people took one look at my prospective headlines for this week’s assignment and laughed, telling me I should never be a journalist. (Super helpful, right?)

                When writing a headline, the most important thing is to write in the present tense. Semi colons and commas play a huge part in making headlines. If you have to eliminate words to make it fit, you and use the comma in place of the word “and”.

Editing Tip of the Week- They used the wrong "to". It should be "too". Really, they should have the sign approved before printing. 
Image result for pics of grammar mistakes

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