Sunday, December 7, 2014

Webpage Design

When designing webpages, you must consider several key elements to create the best possible webpage.  The two most important elements, in my opinion, are: strive for feature exposure and strive for simplicity.  My line of work is built around creating computer-based solutions for different clients.  The two things I have learned to be of vital importance are having the main focus clear and making the solution quick and easy to use with the least amount of clicks. 
            Striving for feature exposure is key.  My company, CyberTech, is a great example of striving for feature exposure.  Our website, has a main page that clearly features our 3 main products.  You don’t have to sift around the site for awhile to try and locate what it is we do or what different products we have.  You are able to quickly gain access to them without much difficulty.  It is very important for a visitor of your site to know exactly what they are there for, from the get-go.
            Simplicity is one of the hardest things to achieve.  I think is one of the best sites for simplicity.  When I arrive at the website, I know where everything is going to be located, right away.   There isn’t an overload of information and links.  The less clicks the better, in my opinion.  People like to be able to get where they want quickly and without having a lot of clicking to get through.  They also have a search bar that queries their entire stock to make searching even easier.
            This week’s grammar mistake is one that is set in stone, or skin, that is.  When getting a tattoo, make sure the tattoo artist can spell.  I would be very upset if this happened to me.  It wouldn’t be “AWESOME.”

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