Sunday, December 7, 2014

Headline Rules

                My favorite headline rule by and far was to emphasize the message, not the messenger. I thought that who said it was usually more important than what was said, but not in the world of headlines, so it seems. For the sake of informing the people, I can see why the actual message holds more weight than who was quoted to say it.
                For example, in my hometown, they ran a page of the death of a young policeman on the job. A quote was used to reflect his character. The person who said the quote was in fact his captain, but the story wasn't about the captain, it was about what he said regarding the character of an officer.

                Editing Tip of the Week- I found this gem in my inbox this morning. Apparently, there’s a “ho” making apple butter. Really, it should read “homemade”, but I’m not judging. Just laughing. 

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