Sunday, November 23, 2014

Blog 13

Web Page Layout 

This week’s assignment was interesting.  I have never really looked into web design before this point and it is something that is simple and complicated at the same time.  As I read the different principles I realized it boiled down to keeping things simple, easy, clean, and balanced.

As I looked at different websites to illustrate these principles I realized that all the sites that I like and go to often have all these design elements.  I realized that I can’t stand a site that doesn’t have a search bar.  There is nothing more frustrating that not being able to find what you want to find.  I also hate site that you have to click on a million different things to get to where you want to be.  It should only take a few clicks to find anything on website.  Anything more than 3-4 clicks and I start looking elsewhere. 

One site that really stood out to me as I did this assignment is  They have a ton of products and features yet their site was the most simple one I came across.  It has the small tabs at the top of the page but besides that there is one main picture you can click on or four smaller pictures to choose from.  That is it.  You have five main choices on their home page.  More websites should try to mimic apple.

Editing Mistake of the Week

There is a sign posted in all of our bathrooms at work that says,

Do not throw
paper towels in
the toilet it
clogs toilet

I tired to add the actual picture but I couldn't get it to paste in this blog. There is no punctuation at all on the sign and the end of the sign just sounds awkward.  On one of the signs posted somebody wrote, “This needs punctuation” and then filled in punctuation where it should be.  

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  1. I have noticed that many of the signs people post as notifications in shared spaces lack editing. It has always been something I question because I understand they are trying to get across a quick, informal point but punctuation doesn't take that long. When something that simple is missing, it distracts from what they are trying to say and puts all the focus on what they messed up on instead.