Sunday, November 9, 2014

Headlines: Read All About It

Great Headlines:

Investigation finds faked research at U.

This headline catches your attention and makes you want to know more. The headline is succinct and well written. It provides all the information you need but does not tell the whole story as that information will be found the body of the story.

Moab pipeline decision challenged by environmental groups

This is another example of a good headline. All the information is provided without making it too lengthy.

Headlines with Problems:

Information sought about sex offender who used alias, worked with teens

This headline seems too long and provides information that should be included in the body, not the headline. I would tighten up that headline by taking out the information that could be included in the body instead of the headline.


Information sought about sex offender who worked with teens

The information about the alias seems like it should be included in the body, as it is not the most important information.

Grammar Mistake:

Displaying 20141105_132615.jpg

The signs says 


If salad was a Thanksgiving specific menu item I would assume that this mistake was just a pun. I assume this was an actual mistake, not a pun in this instance. 



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  1. I think it is interesting how you posted the headline about the U. It is a well written headline. I also saw it as I was doing the assignment and it made me want to read the story.