Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Ever Changing World Of Web Design

Web page layout and design is a tricky thing.  You need to design for the business, but also for the user.  If a user has a hard time navigating the site, they wont return and tell people not to use it.  My thought is less is more, when it comes to layout and design.  Always think of a web site as a tree.  The home page is the trunk and the menu items are the big branches.  Then the menu pages have their own branches, and so on. 

Now that a web design and layout have to work on multiple devices, operating systems and browsers it has gotten a lot more complicated.  The amount of time and effort to make a web site functional and look good has increased exponentially.  A good rule is to start your design for mobile devices and work to desktop, because people are increasingly using their phones or tablets to browse the internet.

The sites where I get most of my news are operated by Gawker Media, and are run on Kinja blogging system.  All of Gawker Media’s blogs are using Kinja, so they are all the same.  Navigation is very simple and the layout is clean and easy to read.  Some of the sites they run are Gizmodo, io9, LifeHacker, Jalopnik and Deadspin.

Editing Mistake


Article Name: Has A Major Clone Wars Character Already Appeared In Star Wars Rebels?

Mistake:  They have “be” instead of “by.”
        “never referred to be Hera as ‘he or she.’ ”

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  1. Web design is tricky. It is very simple yet complicated at the same time. It is hard to walk the line between the company and the user.