Sunday, September 28, 2014

New cooking method?

While doing some editing checks recently, I found the Purdue Online Writing Lab - and have used it several times since then.  It has been helpful, and I am sure I will use it often in the future.

It is well organized and easy to navigate.  The site has a good search feature and several categorical listings on the side of the main page.  After I choose a topic, rules of grammar pertinent to that topic pop up, and there are several examples of the rule in sentences, with both incorrect and correct usage/corrections.  This feature was extremely helpful to me in the lesson on dangling modifiers and how to correct them.  It helped clarify a few points in my mind through the examples and explanation.

These features make navigating and searching through the site quick and efficient.  If I cannot find the item using the search feature, I can use the site map to help navigate. 

In addition to helps for grammar, the site also features sections on pertinent topics such as: Undergraduate Applications; Research paper helps (with both APA and MLA style information); Online Tutors; a Blog with questions, answers and examples; types of writing (i.e. creative, technical, literal, social science, engineering, etc); there is even a section with ESL topics.

This site has been helpful to me this semester, I wish I had found it earlier so I could have used it in my other classes.  It is on my bookmark toolbar now!

Now for your editing enjoyment, take a look at a newspaper clipping my brother sent over earlier this week. While it isn't an error in grammar, it shows the importance of proof reading.


  1. I have used OWL Purdue for several years when I have to remember all the nuts and bolts of formatting a research paper using either MLA or APA. But I have yet to use it for grammatical, spelling, or writing info. I am going to have to check it out.

  2. I loved your editing example with the recipe. I have found many examples on recipe errors and it is really not a good thing to have errors when you are talking about food! I have found errors with not only ingredients but also with Tablespoon verses teaspoon postings.