Saturday, September 20, 2014

Verbs Are So Tense

I had no idea that there were so many verb tenses.  I just thought there was past, present and future, but each of them has its own subclass verb tense.  Each one has perfect tense and progressive tense.  These different tenses show movement through time.  Perfect tense does this by adding the words “has, had and will have” to the verb.  Progressive tense is more about indicating an ongoing or continuous action using words like “is, had been and will have been.”  The assignment help me understand this better.

When it comes to the use of “it’s” or “its,” I never really had a problem deciding which one to use.  I just always replace “it’s” with “it is.”  If the sentence makes sense use “it’s” and if it doesn’t use “its.”  What I didn’t know is “its” can’t be possessive, so you don’t need an apostrophe after the “s.”

I couldn’t find any grammar mistakes this week.  So I will post a mistake from the “Walking Dead” that bugs me.  I just watched the trailer for the new season and this mistake popped into my head.

The door reads “ Don’t Dead Open Inside,” instead of “Don’t Open Dead Inside.”


  1. I like the photo you chose for this week. I absolutely agree with you that it should have been written differently. I noticed your photo before I read your post and it took me two or three times before I understood what they were going for.

  2. I agree with this post. I had no idea that verbs had so many tenses. I always assumed as you did that past, present and future pretty much summed it up.