Sunday, September 21, 2014

Workaholics get a lot further up the corporate ladder!

 -aholic - I found it really interesting that the book is fine with creating new words using this suffix. According to the book grammar and spelling purists don't care for it, but you can feel free to use it  to create new words. For example:


The book claims this is proof that our language is living and ever-evolving.

a lot - As a fan of the humor blog Hyperbole and a Half when I read the incorrect term alot I tend to giggle. You can read why here:

Just remember, alot is wrong. A lot of the time you will see it written as alot, but this is incorrect.

farther/further - These two words have always confused me. I generally confuse the two. I have found a way to remember the difference. Farther has an "a" and relates to an atlas, as it refers to physical distance.


If you are headed to St. George and are only in Cedar City you have farther to go.

If you disagree on something you need to discuss it further.

Here is an example of horrible grammar I saw on Facebook this week.

Needing fire wood does any one know where I can get some at 

Here is how I would correct this horrible sentence. It really needs to be put out of its misery.

Correction: I need firewood. Does anyone know where I can get some?


  1. Even though spellcheck puts the little red lines under the word alot, I always questioned it. To me, it doesn't look right but it is one of those things I see so often it made me question if this was an instance spell check could be wrong. I am so glad the book finally put that question to rest.
    I really liked that you created a relation between farther and an atlas. A little hint like that will stand out in my mind the next time i'm writing and have to decide between the similar words.

  2. I like your helpful hint about how to tell farther has an a in it and it correlates to an atlas. Brilliant! I always struggle with farther and further too.