Monday, September 29, 2014

Punctuation is more difficult than I thought...

Chapter 8
There is one thing that I have always done in my writing, whether it be a english paper to a news story. Nonrestrictive or nonessential is something that I have always done and I didn't really know why but after reading this chapter it all makes sense to me. The part that can be taken out is called an appositive, I didn't know that before my time in this class. I feel that is something that I do really well in writing and I feel that the appositives can add a lot to my writing.
I really like reading about the misuse of commas and I realized that I have a lot to work on. Semicolons have always been confusing to me and sometimes I would just throw them in because I felt that it was necessary for some reason. The one rule that I would say that I break the most would be "Do not use a comma to separate from its predicate or object". As I have written more for newspapers and other organizations. I have gotten away from breaking this rule but some of my early writing is full of this mistake.

Please, last load in one hour before closing.
I saw this at the laundromat where I go. It doesn't give the reader a distinction of what they need to load a hour before closing. Someone could take that as loading a shotgun or loading a truck.

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