Sunday, October 12, 2014

Dec. 25 falls on a Thursday this year, OK?

         I first encountered the AP Style book when I took Media Writing in 2012. I remember being in awe at how useful it was! I still feel that way. I bought one for my sister this summer as she prepared to start high school because I don't feel like English textbooks are even half as helpful. But this week, I ran into something that I do not appreciate. 
         As we all learned this week, months are to be abbreviated and accompanied by a period. Days of the week, on the other hand, are written out. I'm not particularly passionate about either format, but I do like consistency. I wish they would choose just one or the other and stick with it. This rule has been useful to me in this last week because as I’ve been sending out messages to my production team (for the show I am directing this winter) with important dates. My editing mistake this week comes from an email I sent out (oops!):
  •        Sun. December 6: Tech- all designers and crew called at 9:00 a.m.

           I am also reeling from the realization that I have been incorrectly spelling out okay for nearly a decade! I got marked down for this mistake on our assignment (Blog posts 1-6).


  1. Yes. The whole "okay" vs. OK thing has unknowingly been a mark of my ignorance as well. I still think it looks better spelled out. I don't want to change my ways.

  2. Ok I am SO glad that "okay" being incorrect got someone else too! I can do with the inconsistencies between months and days of the week but okay?? The editing student in me wants to say I'll stop using it but when chatting with friends I think that is one rule I cannot follow. While reading a newspaper or magazine "ok" wouldn't bother me but in texting and emails the difference between k, ok, and okay is huge. It is such a silly thing to go off of, but I know if I used that in texts, people would start to think things weren't OK if I started to "short reply" wtith ok's. Wow! That was a lot of OK's....Ok, I think i'm done.