Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Ickiest of -Isms

So guys...
None of my posts were posting. As in, from the very beginning of class. Ack! Talk about a nightmare. To remedy this, I'll be posting this week's post today, and the rest of my missing posts tomorrow so everyone can put a face to this mysterious newcomer, even though I'm not actually a newcomer.

Ageism robs seniors of their choice, of their independence, and of their dignity. Youth really is wasted on the young. An older person isn't past their prime, they are farther in the journey. Who decided a man is incapable because he’s over fifty, on oxygen, takes  ten kinds-of-pills and has to wear suspenders?
Sexism robs women of their ability to be seen on equal footing as a man. Who decided a woman with a career and kids isn't capable of doing as much as a man in the workforce? I have a problem. The problem is, I’m not a man, nor do I want to be one. I’m a woman. I cry sometimes for no reason. Certain times of the month, I don’t want to hold your hand and I can’t bench press my weight. As a woman, I’m not less, I’m simply different. I’m just as capable as any man, at different things in different ways. If a girl wears a short skirt, she isn't “asking for it.” If a working woman has kids, she isn't “a liability.”
Racism robs a person of their sense of self, precluding everyone from seeing them as anything other than the color of their skin. Who decided a black man in a predominantly white neighborhood must mean he’s there to rob someone?  Hetero-sexism robs people of belonging. A man and his wife aren't any less than a man and his husband/partner/significant other. Who decided a straight relationship is less than a not straight one?

Editing tip of the week: The local Dick’s Market of Bountiful has signs posted all over the property saying advertising for the “Anual” Halloween Party. I laughed so hard, as this mistake made it past the pro printing shop and is EVERY SINGLE sign. 

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your blog issues. But I really like your editing tip. It's funny now that I am aware of all the mistakes, how many I see every day.