Sunday, October 12, 2014

Time to Rein in Ignorance's Reign

The older (and supposedly wiser) I get, the more I know it's simply not true. Unless you count admitting your own ignorance as wisdom. I think the admission should only count if you're willing to do something about it, and at the rate of this weekly confrontation  with my grammatical ignorance, I'm not sure I have the stamina to keep amending my editorial woes. There is the whole lay / lie thing, fewer / less, good / well, and I am loath to admit I have been spelling out okay my entire life. (Or is it loathe?)  I'm not even prepared to change my ways on that last one. It is not OKAY with me to type OK! Ouch! That  was painful.

Ultimately what I have taken from the lessons and the reading of this week is that I am ever so grateful there are style guides to consult. I just didn't realize there was so much consulting I'd be needing to do. So here's to my ability to look things up when I question my punctuation. Here's to my ability to know when I don't know while I humbly pull out my dog-eared, highlighted copy of the Associated Press  yet again.


This week's mistake concerns a comment made about an article about the ever changing English language. The article "Why Do Kids Say 'Versing'?" seems irrelevant after I read one of the comments by someone afterward. She states:
    No. never heard that "Term" used. But, I do know they are saying. "Conversating" and what makes it worse. They have approved using such a word. Now. that's a joke. You speed most of your time in school learning English and grammar, and sentax. linguistic, etc. And after all that teaching, They accept the word; CONVERSATING. oh, and another one, True that. Give me a break.
    I just have no words. I'm not even sure she's talking smack about kids who say versing rather than versus like the article states, or not. I can't get past all the superfluous punctuation and funky "sentax." I don't think she has a right to complain about "conversating" if she can't even type a coherent sentence. 


  1. Loved reading your post. I feel the exact same way about the endless referencing that I find myself doing, and so grateful to have the AP stylebook to consult.

  2. That comment was crazy! Sentax?? Oh my gosh.