Saturday, October 11, 2014

This is late.. But still my introduction!

Hello, everyone! My name is Trae Chappell and I am a junior here at Weber State. My degree is a Bachelor of Arts, with my major as Communication. My emphasis is Interpersonal and Family Relationships. I am originally from Denver, Colorado. I graduated from Standley Lake High School in 2011. My high school was in the same school district as Columbine High School and Arapahoe High School. Those two names are notorious for their school shootings.  I moved to Utah after high school in order to attend Weber State University. My major was undeclared for my first two semesters of college. I enlisted in the Utah Army National Guard, during my second semester of college. I left for basic and advanced training during the summer and fall of 2012. When I returned, I went straight back into school and declared my major in Communications. I've been a full time student since then. 

I have a few past time hobbies that I really enjoy. I love to go fly fishing! My uncle and I go as often as we can, usually during the summer. This past summer, we went probably three to four times a week. I love going to all the different rivers and streams around Utah. Some of my favorites include the Provo River, Weber River, Ogden River, and East Canyon River. Another one of my big hobbies is dancing. This is a fairly recent hobby of mine actually. I never danced until about two years ago. When I got back from training for the military I met a young woman who I had a crush on. She was the president of the ballroom dancing club at Weber State. So, I joined the club to get to know her better. Needless to say, the relationship didn't work about, but I did find a new love, which was dancing. I am the current president of the ballroom dancing club and I go dancing at least twice a week. I am at the Union Station here in Ogden every Wednesday night to country swing dance. Stop by sometime if you want to learn! I also love going to bars. Alleged and the Lighthouse are some local ones here in Ogden. The best thing about those two bars? They're on the same street! However, my favorite bar to go to here in Utah is "The Westerner." It is located in Salt Lake City and is the biggest country bar in the state. They have a mechanical bull, multiple bars, and an enormous dance floor. Did I mention there is a live band every weekend? Basically, if you like to the bar atmosphere and enjoy dancing as much as I do, then you'll have as good of a time as I do when I go there. 

I decided to take this class for two reasons. Mainly because it is an upper division Communication elective but also because I want to be able to write well. I feel that with more practice in writing, and taking this class specifically, I will be able to excel my skill further. The papers I have written in the past were scored low not because of the content, but because of the grammar and mistakes. Thanks for reading! Inline image 1

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